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About us

We deliver the best quality in competitions bikinis, wellness, figure suits, CP shorts and trunks within the fitness world.

All bikinis, trunks and CP shorts are handmade in Brilliant Bikinie’s own studio and are always in the best quality. Our quality of crystals is the best in the marked. We have a good eye for details, creative designs, and the perfect fit for your shape. Due to our extensive experience in the field, our bikinis and trunks do not need any glue up to the competition day because they always are going to fit perfectly.

The owner and the design behind Brilliant Bikinie’s

Brilliant Bikinie’s has existed since 2014 and is owned by Vicky Frandsen.

 Vicky has a degree in design and clothing from ‘Magretheskolen’, which is one of the best and oldest design schools in Denmark. Also, she had her own sewing room for many years right in the middle of the old and charming Copenhagen. Passion, perfectionism, and love for the craft can be seen clearly in her work.

 Vicky Frandsen

 Vicky’s daughter began to do body fitness competitions, which is how Brilliant Bikinie’s occurred. The daughter needed creative and beautiful bikinis for the competitions. Due to the growing interest in this sport, from both the daughter’s and Vicky’s side, Vicky put more effort into understanding this sport. Here she spent a lot of time familiarizing herself with the rules the various unions have in relation to bikinis. This now means that she knows the industry from inside and out and therefore understands exactly what the athletes really need. All this to create the perfect bikini for each one of you.

 Our bikinis, trunks and CP shorts are suitable for all athletes. Whether you are an amateur who just begun your fitness career as an athlete or one of the more experienced, also called PRO (professionals) who enjoy the Olympia scene. Our bikinis, trunks and cp shorts help you achieve the perfect scene package with a accurate fit, unique decoration and a stylish fabric. Everything is tailored to fit your order with an adaptation that includes the specific requirements of each athlete.

Now we are placed in Alicante Spain, where from we made and create all the bikinis, trunks, and cp shorts. Everything is still hand made by us and with the same and best high quality this industry know us.

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