From the Stage to the Glory


We deliver the best quality in competitions bikinis, wellness, figure suits, CP shorts and trunks within the fitness world.

All bikinis, trunks and CP shorts are handmade in Brilliant Bikinie’s own studio and are always in the best quality. Our quality of crystals is the best in the marked. We have a good eye for details, creative designs, and the perfect fit for your shape. Due to our extensive experience in the field, our bikinis and trunks do not need any glue up to the competition day because they always are going to fit perfectly.

We are work with the best and a very high-quality crystal.

Preciosa Maxima Crystals who is one of the most beautiful crystals in the marked and whit an absolute high quality.

Since we have the authorization to work whit Swarovski, it can be possible to decorate your bikini whit this beautiful crystal. Please ask if you are interesting.

We are also use a very beautiful on a budget crystal. All our Pre-Made bikinis are decorated whit this kind of crystal and the bling is amazing

Our trunks and cp shorts help you achieve the perfect scene package with a accurate fit, unique decoration and a stylish fabric. Everything is tailored to fit your order with an adaptation that includes the specific requirements of each athlete.

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If you need any additional information please contact or directly by phone +34 695 68 29 03

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