Frequently Asked Questions

When should I order my bikini?
You can order from the day you know you will be competing. The more time the better is. We recommend ordering your suit at least 12-14 weeks out from your show. We will have your suit due closer to your show date and your final measurements will be needed then.
Still need to lose weight, what do I do about my measurements
Your suit will be due closer to you show date. On your suit due date, we will email you (or you can email us) your final measurements. We will sew your suit to your size and then ship it to you within 3-5 business days.
How long does it take for my bikini to be made?

We have a 4–5-week turnaround period whit rush options available. However, we can always have your suit due closer to your show date if you order ahead.

If you are less than 5-7 week from your competition it will cost extra EUR50.-

If you are less than 2-4 week from your competition it will cost extra EUR80.-

Can I have a personal appointment?

Yes, if you are in Spain can be possible. If you want a personal appointment, please contact us by email or a message by WhatsApp +34695682903

How do I buy a bikini from you?

If you are more than 12 weeks out of your competition you can pay the whole amount ones or split in 2 quotes. This is mean 50% of the bikinis price is paid when you place the order and the next 50% the following month. Once the payment is made, the order is confirmed in our system. For the next payment you will receive an invoice close to the next payment date.

Ones your order is confirm please have in your mind that is NO REFUND of money.

If you order a quick ship bikini, the payment should be made when you order the bikini.

We offer these kinds of payments:

  • Bank transfer (for outside the EU it will be a bank fee of EUR10.-)
  • Credit and debit card
  • PayPal (the fee can be from 5% up to 18%, is dependent where from the world the transaction is)
I found a photo online of a bikini that I really like from another company. Can you make it for me?

No, we do not copy another bikinis design. We are very creative in this industry! Therefore, we will make our own design for your bikini.

Quick Ship

A standard finished competition bikini is a standard sized bikini that has already been decorated. This is a good solution if you are out in the last minute with purchasing your bikini. The fit is decent, but remember, it is not a custom-made bikini.

Trunks and Classic Physique shorts are a standard size. The fit is very well, however, it is not a custom-made model.

What is your return Policy?

All orders cannot be returned for any reason. Please read our return policy.

How do I wash my bikini?

Your bikini can be easily washed and cleaned after use. It only takes a few minutes.

Wash it by hand separately and gently in lukewarm water, for example in a small bowl. Do not use laundry powder, chlorine or rinse aid, only lukewarm water. Then gently push the water out of the bikini and place it on a dry towel and let it dry. Do not dry it in direct sunlight as it may affect the color.

Never put your bikini in the dryer and do not bring your bikini to the dry cleaner!

For the trunks and CP shorts use the same washing way as the bikinis.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! After we ship your bikini, trunk, or CP short and it leaves Spain, we have no control over it. Please be aware that sometimes parcels can get held up in customs. We lodge your parcel and take care of all the paperwork for you.

When do we send your package?

We will send your order approximately 2 weeks before your competition date, depending on how busy we are. If you want it faster, please send us an email at about your wishes.

This is except for our trunks and CP shorts, which are shipped 8-10 days after the order is placed and has been paid.


There is no refund on a bikini, trunks, or CP shorts. The return is allowed if the bikini is received in a wrong size if it is a quick ship and only if the required size is in stock. Original items sent return must be unused, and therefore in the same condition as received. Also, the package must be in the original packaging.  

Shipping costs are covered by the buyer. Return of a quick ship bikini must take place no later than 2 days after the purchase. Unfortunately, if this time horizon has been exceeded, we cannot accept the return or return of money. 

If you receive a defective item due to the postal service or something that has happened during transport, we will not replace it!

No return item will be accepted more than 10 calendar days after your order date. Also, we are NOT responsible for lost packages, the same applies if you return a package. Also, we are not responsible for packages that the customer has not signed upon arrival. It is the customers responsibility to give us the correct address and phone number.

I received my bikini, and the bottoms are tight

If you show is still a little away, you should be fine.

Once you cut water for your competition it should be perfect. If you are still concerned whit, it being tight, don´t worry we always send a video where we should how you can adjust it!

I ordered my bikini and decided not to compete, can I cancel my order?

When your order is finish, we do not change it. Please make sure you are confident whit your color, cut and connectors before you submit your order.



Does my bikini top come whit padding?

All our bikinis come whit a foam lining and not everyone needs padding, so it is not automatically included whit your bikini. You can add extra padding for EUR10.-

I need a bikini now!

If you are needing a bikini in less than 3-4 weeks, you can purchase one of our ready-made bikinis, you can find them in our Quick Buy section or you can place a custom order, additional charges will be applied. 

Do you make figure and wellness suits?

We sure do 😊 a figure suit need more time to make since it need much more work, (design of the decoration) and therefore are more expensive than a bikini or wellness suit. Our figure suits bottom be made whit a deep V-cut front. The bottoms are not scrunch bum.

Figure suit been used by Woman Physique and Woman Bodybuilder as well. Please have in your mind if you are competing in USA as a Woman Bodybuilder you will need two figures’ suits, one plain bikini for the Pre jurying and one decorating to the evening. This is only for the NPC division. 

A wellness bottom needs to have a V-cut in the front if you are competing for the NPC division.

All our bikinis are lining!

What kind of crystals do you use?

We are use Preciosa crystals who are very beautiful and whit a very high quality of bling. Preciosa crystals are the must use stones since Swarovski stopped to sell till everybody without the special certificate from them.

You can select Preciosa or standard crystals when you order. Our standard crystals are a very high quality. Our pre-made bikinis are all decorated whit our standard crystals. They shine beautifully and are more budget friendly.

Since we are approved by Swarovski, we are still use them.

Please have in your mind if you want to decorate your bikini with Swarovski, send us an email to and we will calculate a price for you.

Where do I find your prices?

For the pre-made bikinis are in each picture you see under Quick Ship.

For the Custom bikinis/figures and wellness. Once you start selecting options, the total price will add up down the bottom of the product. The price of each option is also clearly written to it in to avoid confusion. 

How do I measure myself?

Please view our size guide, here will you find all the information you need to make your bikini fit like a glove. If you have problems whit your measures, please contact us by or WhatsApp +34695682903

How do I know what cut do I need?

This depends on the federation you are competing and the size of your glutes.

We recommend the Pro cut for the NPC and Brazilian cut for the IFBB ELITE, but remember you need to have the best cut who looks best for your glutes.

Please check with your coach or the federation you want to compete. We cannot be responsible if you order the wrong cut.

What happen if I receive my bikini and need to be adjusted?

We always send a video where we should you how you can fix it. So, don´t PANIC! If you still can´t understand how you fix it, send an email, or call us and explaining your problem and we will do our best to help you.

If you are ever unsure, please contact us before ordering.

How long does it take to receive my bikini once I have ordered it?

After your order has been confirmed and we know when you will be competing the production time is 4-6 weeks. Once completed your bikini will be dispatched immediately unless otherwise specified.

Spain takes 1-2 business days. In the EU takes 1-3 business days. The rest of the world can take from 1-6 business days.


How much is for the shipping?

In Spain is EUR10.-

In the EU between EUR35.- to EUR50.-

For the rest of Europe and the world between EUR40.- to EUR70.-

Because the Pandemic the shipping prices are very high!

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